Single Digital Download (High Resolution) - Personal Use License



Note: If you are selecting photos associated with a race package you have purchased, please use the "Package Digital Download" item.

All digital images are uploaded to the website with very minimal processing. Once photos for an order (package order or standard order) are selected, the images will be professionally edited (color and tone processing, sharpening, blemish removal (water spots, etc) before the digital files are delievered or the prints are processed at the lab. 

Note on cropping: Images are uploaded to the website uncropped. Once photos are seleted for an order, they will be cropped to provide the best looking image. Images selected for print orders will be custom-cropped according to the size and type of print ordered. Images selected for digital downloads will be cropped at the photographer's discression based on the assumption that the image will be used for digital display or standard prints, with cropping used to highlight the subject. If specialized cropping, or no cropping, is preferred by the customer, or if the digital file will be used to prduce prints through an outside lab - especially "wrap" prints, please advise of such in the order notes, and/or by direct message to the photographer at

Please contact photographer directly to purchase commercial use images: Commercial use files must be purchased for the following uses:  
*Promotional materials such as Advertisements, posters, product packaging, etc.
*Editorial Materials - Newspapers, magazines, online publications
*Retail materials - Posters, t-shirts, other items for resale. 

You will receive a digital file for each download you purchase. A download link will be sent to your email once you have completed your purchase.

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